Apr 30 2011

WineWrights Pinot Noir (California, 2009)

Category: Pinot NoirMike @ 11:14 pm
Picked up this wine from Fresh & Easy and had with corned beef, potatoes, soda bread and our favorite brussels sprouts with bacon.
$11 from Fresh & Easy
Three and a Half Trophies
  • This wine has herbal smells from the opening.
  • Fruity hints of strawberry and strawberry tastes.
  • Smooth and easy, nice mouth feel with low tannins
  • Blackberry tastes at the end.
  • This wine is a little like the lower end contract player that is signed for a low to mid range dollar amount and does what expected by filling a role that is needed, but does not exceed any performance expectations.  It would be nice if they performed above their contract level, but they don’t so that’s what you get!  Still a great bargain that does what it needs to.
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One Response to “WineWrights Pinot Noir (California, 2009)”

  1. julian says:

    Great little pinot. Strawberries with a hint of violet..great price point for quaffing.

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