Aug 31 2011

Rare Red (California)

Category: BlendEddie @ 10:05 pm
Picked this wine up at Sprouts because it was in the wine rack but did not have a price.  The bottle was super heavy and I considered purchasing it .  Since I could not find a price I decided on another wine.  Then a Spouts employee came out and I could not resist the draw of this bottle.  I asked him for a price check and it came with a very favorable $6.50.  I could not resist so I put it in my shopping cart.  We would have liked to have a vintage on the bottle, that was one of our few complaints about it.  It was a bit sweet for us and we were wondering if it would age well.  The bottle was very heavy and seemed to be built for aging.
$7 from Sprouts
Two and a Half Trophies
  • Aromas of vanilla, and butterscotch
  • a bit of moist Earth as well in the smell
  • A bit of maple syrup on the tip of your tongue
  • Some blueberry on the finish
  • A bit fruit heavy and tannic
  • Really great at first.  Creamy and sweet… a bit much after a while like going out to eat and having a dessert that is really good until about half way through when your stomach starts to hurt.
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2 Responses to “Rare Red (California)”

  1. Guy says:

    Sickly sweet. Drank 2 sips and returned the bottle. Not good at all.

  2. Guy says:

    Über sweet. Shitty. Dumped the bottle.

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